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New markets mean small windows of opportunity to capitalize on the new opportunity presented by Virginia's cannabis laws. But where can you find those deeply involved in the passage of landmark cannabis legislation in Virginia, and the understanding needed to apply these new laws to a profitable business in a nascent, highly competitive market? The answer is Virginia Cannabis Group.

VCG founder, JM Pedini, is regarded as the foremost expert on marijuana policy in the Commonwealth. With expertise cultivated by years of experience in drafting and lobbying for marijuana-related legislation and regulation at the state and federal levels, Virginia Cannabis Group was formed in 2017 becoming the first consultancy dedicated solely to supporting Virginia's emerging regulated cannabis market.

Unlike out-of-state lobbyists or business consultants unfamiliar with Virginia's regulatory and legislative landscapes, Virginia Cannabis Group leverages real-life successes and relationships to support clients seeking entrance to Virginia's regulated marijuana industry, and provides the unique ability to forecast the pathways that will allow for future cannabusiness licensing and expansion.


Our Approach

Our Approach to Consulting

You are a daring investor, an interested professional, or uninformed on Virginia's cannabis policies. To expand your potential, you need to understand exactly how new cannabis laws and regulations will effect you and your organization. Although an online search for "marijuana" or "cannabis" will provide thousands of results, it is difficult to find fact-based policy analyses targeted to Virginia’s nascent industry, or Virginia-focused experience gained from interaction with Virginia's legislature and newly implemented regulatory model. Virginia Cannabis Group has that experience, from work leading marijuana law organizations, drafting and passing landmark legislation, and shepherding clients to securing one of the first licenses in Virginia. Our philosophy is simple: You succeed, we succeed. You grow, we grow. Without our professional services, you are left to rely on out-of-state advocates or policy analyses from sources unfamiliar with the specifics of medical cannabis and Virginia's highly regulated market.

Our Story

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