Licensing Assistance

In Virginia's hyper-restrictive market, there will only be a limited number of permitted pharmaceutical processors. Competitive applicants will require reputable industry contacts, government relations support, and up-to-date knowledge of Virginia's medical cannabis policy. Virginia Cannabis Group gives you the guidance and support needed to successfully navigate the difficult process of applying for and winning competitive pharmaceutical processor license. Be the first in line to enter Virginia's medical cannabis market with the assistance of Virginia Cannabis Group.

Pharmaceutical Processor Program Overview

Since Virginia's medical cannabis market is so new, there is a lot of misinformation floating around on the internet. With hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk for a competitive Request for Application, smart entrepreneurs should investigate the process. Virginia Cannabis Group can provide your group with a concise but comprehensive overview of Virginia's pharmaceutical processor program. You should know the risks before making a major investment; VCG can provide you with information needed to evaluate the costs and benefits of Virginia's newest industry.

Government Relations

Making your elected officials work for you can be a tricky process. Use the years of experience VCG has acquired in cannabis policy and government relations to your groups benefit. Whether interfacing with leaders in a municipality for a license or a law maker for a specific request, Virginia Cannabis Group is the guide you need in the General Assembly and local city hall.

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